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CCG is a comprehensive consulting company that provides personalized implementation ready solutions. We consider each client a “partner” and use professionals who are working in the field to identify, troubleshoot, and provide implementation ready solutions.  CCG also offers an array of post-consultation support opportunities for institutions and other government agencies looking for innovative ways to manage the ever growing list of necessary tasks. There is no "one price fits all" Our pricing model ensures your fees will be representative of the individualized services we provide. CCG’s business model is more cost efficient than larger firms so any organization with a modest budget can take advantage of our service and expertise. Your goals are our goals. We strive to work collaboratively with your organization's resources to deliver results. CCG was created and is operated by educators with a heart for people. 

employee SEARCHES

CCG can help fill critical needs positions and executive roles. We are committed to providing client partners with diverse candidate pools to meet the needs and culture of your organization. CCG's business model, flexibility, and competitive pricing make our search services available to all.  We also offer contingency based recruitment models unique among other search firms.


CCG has a network of experts who can assist any institution regarding program, state, regional, and national accreditation.  CCG offers NCLEX support to institutions struggling with low student pass rates.


Increasing student retention is a complex problem with numerous attributable factors.  Many institutions lose over half of their incoming first year student class.  Not only does this negatively impact the institution, it can be devastating for students.  CCG’s team of experts is well-equipped to assist any institution looking to improve its retention rate.  Please contact CGG to set up an initial consultation to discuss how we can assist your institution in improving this critical metric.

compensation and feasibility studies

CCG's network of industry professionals specialize in a  feasibility, compensation, and other impact studies for government entities, non-profit organizations, and institutions of learning at all levels.  incoming students committed to your institution with “pre-college” advising is one of the fastest growing business segments within education today.  Pre-college advising for all students (including student-athletes) can have a tremendously positive impact on first year student retention.  Contact CCG to discuss our unique pricing model which makes this service affordable to all students. 

Enrollment management

Besides retention, recruitment is critical to the health of an institution.  CCG will partner with your institution’s recruiting team to capture the students who best fit your school environment.  CCG offers no-risk/no up front cost pricing models.


Is your organization looking to purchase or integrate new technology within its current operations?  CCG can provide assistance to ensure a smooth technology transition or integration.   


If your organization is considering the possibility of outsourcing responsibilities to a third party, consider a partnership with CCG to bridge the gap of locating trusted providers.  Our team is committed to representing your organization as if it were their own. 

Cyber Security

CCG has trusted partners to provide clients with IT network security assessment, consulting, and access to products on the cutting edge of network security.  

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